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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Opportunity right under Mayor de Blasio’s nose, to unlock thousands of apartments for New York’s neediest in the middle of a housing crisis, on land the city already owns.

The lead paint scandal at the city's public housing authority has already cost several high-level officials their job. But it turns out those same officials were involved with fighting another crisis at the agency: Mold. Critics now say those officials did not go far enough to make sure public housing residents were in clean and safe apartments. NY1 Political Reporter Courtney Gross has this special report.

Protesta frente alcaldía en demanda de más vivienda asequible

Miles de personas protestan frente a la alcaldía para pedir a Bill de Blasio que construya casas asequibles y penalice a los arrendadores. Los manifestantes reclaman que de Blasio cumpla una de sus promesa de campaña, de hace cuatro años, de aumentar el acceso a viviendas seguras y asequibles.

Thousands rally outside City Hall, demand more affordable housing

Thousands came together at City Hall on Monday, calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to build more affordable housing and punish slumlords. More than 5,000 people demonstrated, many of whom said the mayor needs to fulfill a campaign promise from four years ago to increase access to safe affordable housing.

Brooklyn leaders want NYPD to put lock on Glock to stop flow of illegal guns

Church leaders and parishioners packed the St Paul Community Baptist Church in East New York Thursday night not only to gather and pray but also as a call to action. The religious network East Brooklyn Congregations made a list of demands for their invited guest, Police Commissioner James O'Neil.