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Gun Safety

If We Can’t Ban Guns, Can We Make Them Safer?

Today, shots rang out at Northern Arizona University and Texas Southern University. Thus far, two students have been reported dead and four others wounded. This is the 282nd day of 2015, and the Northern Arizona shooting was the 299th mass shooting of the year in the United States.

Mr. President, "Stop Whining" about Gun Violence

With the sun-drenched White House behind him, a prominent Baptist pastor spoke at a news conference that I attended in Lafayette Park yesterday. In a deep, no-nonsense voice, he delivered a stern message to President Obama: "Mr. President, we urge you to stop whining and begin acting."

Here’s a Way to Control Guns

NEARLY three years ago, in the days after the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama went to Newtown, Conn., to speak at a vigil for the victims. He spoke movingly, and seemed to embody the nation’s outrage and its determination to reduce the number of people killed with guns in America. “Do not lose heart,” he told the families of the victims. He said he would use “whatever power this office holds.”

Religious leaders push for changes in gun industry

Urging more dialogue from gun manufacturers, a group of religious leaders backed by more than 60 municipalities – including some in North Jersey – brought their message directly to the Manhattan doorstep of one of the gun industry's biggest financial supporters on Monday, but left disappointed. The group, Do Not Stand Idly By, tried to deliver a letter to the chief executive of Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm with investments in two major gun manufacturers.

End the domestic arms race now

In the wake of prosecutors’ failures to win indictments in Staten Island and Ferguson, and the killings by police of young people of color in East New York and Cleveland, we propose a new deal between our communities and the men and women of urban police departments: (click link for more)

For New York Police, There’s No End to the Stops

New York City’s public advocate, Bill de Blasio, put forward a modest proposal last week. He wants the Police Department to include the number of street stop-and-frisks, which is in a state of geometric expansion, in its weekly review of precinct crime statistics.

Why stop and frisk? Here’s a better way

Mayor Bloomberg recently invited a group of clergy for a discussion of the Police Department’s stop, question and frisk procedures and their impact in the African-American and Hispanic communities. We attended and appreciated the opportunity to hear the mayor’s views and to share our own.