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Issues & Victories

MT was founded in 2007 when four independent chapters (the oldest founded in 1991) consolidated. Since then, MT has won important victories in many areas, including:

  • Pedestrian safety: Since 2010, MT leaders have worked with the NYC Department of Transportation to win: longer crossing times and countdown timers at over 100 intersections; a major construction project at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge to protect pedestrians; as well as signage and other improvements.
  • Senior Housing: Helping to win $500 Million for affordable senior housing.
  • Education: Helping to push the City to make significant improvements to special education.
  • Gun Safety: Convincing District Attorney Vance and NYPD Commissioner O’Neil  to work with Metro IAF to hold large gun makers accountable.
  • Neighborhood safety: working with and holding police accountable to deal properly with criminal activity and important quality of life issues.
  • Helping scores of new leaders develop and strengthen their institutions.

See a more detailed breakdown of MT’s 2017 victories here.

Below: The East River Park Amphitheater before and after Lower Manhattan Together leaders successfully fought for the $60 Million Rehabilitation of East River and Seward Parks