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Public Housing

Metro IAF leaders rallying for better NYCHA repairs and New Senior Housing

NYCHA: For almost twenty years,  Manhattan Together (MT) and our broader network , the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation (Metro IAF) has successfully organized using civic and media pressure to get the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to make needed repairs in their developments. Because so many tenants still struggle with mold, leaks, broken elevators, lack of heat and other terrible conditions, we are pushing for further improvements using means, like:

MT and rest of Metro IAF also launched a series of actions at public housing developments and City Hall with City Council Members to further expose dangerous conditions in public housing and support the inclusion of $500 Million in the City Budget for the construction of 15,000 badly needed affordable senior apartments on NYCHA land. This would allow seniors to stay in their communities when NYCHA asks them to downsize, and 50,000 New Yorkers to move out of shelters.  On June 12th, the Mayor and City Council signed a budget that included this funding.

Further, Metro IAF leaders approached the US Attorney for the Southern District in 2015 to encourage them to investigate NYCHA. In the next three years we introduced two different US Attorney’s and their staff to NYCHA tenants, showed them deplorable conditions, and helped them to gather evidence. On June 11th, they announced a settlement with NYCHA and the Mayor that requires the City to spend $2.2 Billion to fix NYCHA, and creates a strong federal monitor to ensure the funding is used appropriately. The US Attorney’s staff thanked us for their help and promised to work with us to ensure the settlement is executed in such a way that life improves for NYCHA tenants.

A broader summary of our NYCHA work can be found here.

MT Leaders looking at Potential sites for senior housing in East Harlem


Metro IAF leaders rallying for better NYCHA repairs and New Senior Housing