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NY Daily News

NYCHA's senior moment: City and state combine for an affordable housing breakthrough

Chapter two of today’s edition of “Golly, look what New York City and State can do when they work together”: Gov. Cuomo just committed $15 million in scarce affordable housing tax credits to build apartments for senior citizens within New York City Housing Authority developments on the east end of Brooklyn.

City behind schedule on building 2 diversion centers to serve as alternative to Rikers

As Mayor de Blasio touts an ambitious criminal justice agenda to close Rikers Island, the city is far behind schedule on opening two diversion centers meant to be an alternative to arrest for people with mental health or substance abuse issues, the Daily News has learned.

Council Speaker Corey Johnson pushes $2B affordable housing plan for seniors

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson is proposing spending $2 billion to build 15,000 new affordable apartments for seniors on NYCHA land.

NYCHA agrees to appoint independent ombudsman to push repairs, impose fines

Four years after promising but failing to clean up festering mold in its apartments, NYCHA Friday agreed to the appointment of an independent ombudsman who can penalize the authority for future failures.

The three-fifths New Yorkers: That's how City Hall treats NYCHA

Those of us who have the honor of serving the NYCHA tenants in our congregations, and who have worked with them and their fellow residents to force NYCHA and City Hall to treat them fairly and humanely, have finally realized the heart of the problem.

DAs hold key to closing Rikers, by steering people with mental health and substance disorders away from jail and into treatment

It was a striking sight: Four of New York City’s five district attorneys gathered earlier this month at a forum sponsored by the Daily News, Greenburger Center and Metro-IAF to discuss their approaches to stemming the mass incarceration of people with mental illness and substance use disorders, in light of plans to shrink and eventually close jails on Rikers Island.

A golden opportunity: Mining an overlooked housing bonanza

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Opportunity right under Mayor de Blasio’s nose, to unlock thousands of apartments for New York’s neediest in the middle of a housing crisis, on land the city already owns.

De Blasio’s base bites back

Drenched and determined, from a multitude of neighborhoods and faiths, they massed by the thousands Monday on the sidewalks outside City Hall — from East Brooklyn, from the South Bronx, from southeast Queens, from Manhattan up and down.

NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Thousands slam Mayor de Blasio's affordable housing plan in City Hall rally

Thousands of senior citizens, NYCHA residents, teachers and church parishioners turned out in the pouring rain Monday to call out Mayor de Blasio for falling short on his pledge to make housing in the city affordable to New Yorkers.

Build bigger, Bill and create housing for New Yorkers

Mayor de Blasio set up towering expectations that his vision to build or preserve 200,000 affordable apartments would end the “tale of two cities” he condemned on his first campaign trail.